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Atarax (Hydroxyzine Hydrochloride)

Atarax is a medication which is used to slow down several activities in the central nervous system of your metabolism. Apart from this, Atarax is also used as a tool to reduce the secretion of histamine in your metabolism. The presence of a large amount of histamine might create several social problems such as sneezing, fever, hives as well as irritation in your entire body.

So, What is Atarax?

Atarax (Hydroxyzine Hydrochloride) 25 mg Tablets

Atarax is the brand name of a medication which is known by its generic name of hydroxyzine. This hydroxyzine is also one of the most crucial elements of Atarax and is responsible for slowing down various crucial activities of the nervous system as well as reduce the secretion of chemical histamine inside your metabolism.

Thus, it acts as a tranquilizer as well as an antihistamine agent.

What is the difference between the generic Atarax and branded Atarax?

Truly speaking, there is a very minimalistic difference between generic and branded Atarax.The branded Atarax is now banned in the United States of America after the Food and Drug Administration stopped its production in the late 90s.

Frankly speaking, the actual difference between the generic and the branded Atarax is that of its price and concentration. Although the concentration of the ingredients of Atarax and hydroxyzine are almost the same, yet, there is a slight difference in the overall concentration of Atarax and hydroxyzine.

Apart from this, Atarax is a bit more expensive than its generic counterpart, and hence, it is recommended to opt for the generic medication as compared to the branded one.

Apart from being used as a tranquilizer and antihistamine agent, what are the other uses of Atarax?

Well, Atarax is a medication which has seen a variety of uses throughout its existence in the pharmaceutical market.

Starting from being a high-end tranquilizer, Atarax has also been prescribed by numerous doctors and physicians to cure and treat the symptoms of various mental disorders, such as depression and anxiety.

Due to the tranquilizing effect of Atarax, many surgeons have also opted Atarax and hydroxyzine as an anesthetic agent. Apart from these, Atarax is also used to cure numerous allergic tendencies which are related to the epidermis, skin as well as itches or hives.

What are some of the most crucial instructions which should be followed before consuming a treatment regimen of Atarax or hydroxyzine?

As a large portion of the prescriptions, there are sure limitations and guidelines which ought to be taken after and dealt with before beginning the utilization of Atarax.

It is essential because if you are unconscious of certain restorative limitations, at that point the sudden utilization of Atarax or hydroxyzine may result into serious therapeutic difficulties and different perilous symptoms which may exacerbate things than prior.

Along these lines, the following are the absolute most critical directions which have been said in the drug name and are additionally prompted by the physicians and doctor before beginning the treatment regimen of Atarax or hydroxyzine:

  • It has been advised by most of the doctors and positions that you should avoid the use of Atarax or hydroxyzine if you are allergic to any ingredients of hydroxyzine or similar other medications.
  • Apart from this, it has also been mentioned on the label of the medication that if you are pregnant or if you are about to get pregnant, then you should avoid the consumption of Atarax or hydroxyzine.
  • It is also very important that you let your doctor or physician know whether you have ever faced any kind of symptoms related to liver disorders, seizure disorders as well as any other kind of diseases related to the kidney.
  • Above all, it has also been found out that once you start to consume Atarax or hydroxyzine, you get some impairments with your thinking and reaction ability. Hence, it is advised by most of the doctors and physicians that you should not do any heavy work or attentive work after consuming medication of Atarax.
  • Hence, it is very important that you do not indulge yourself in any kind of activities which require a lot of attention after consuming a pill of Atarax or hydroxyzine.
  • It is also mentioned on the medication label of Atarax or hydroxyzine that if you ever feel any kind of symptoms related to confusion, tremors, muscle pain, restricted muscle movement, seizures in your tongue, jaw or neck, you should immediately call your physician or doctor to inform him about the side effects.
  • Last but not the least, it is very important that you understand that alcohol does not go well with the ingredients of Atarax or hydroxyzine. Hence, if you are on a medication regimen of hydroxyzine or Atarax, try to avoid any kind of alcoholic beverages, or it can lead to several side effects of severe magnitude.

What should you inform your doctor before starting to consume Atarax or hydroxyzine?

It is very imperative that you give correct and most appropriate information to your doctor or physician before initiating the treatment procedure of Atarax or hydroxyzine. By doing this, you will ensure that no kind of side effect can affect you during the entire treatment process and you can get the best benefits out of the medication.

Following are some of the medical conditions which your doctor should know about you before prescribing you a treatment regimen of Atarax or hydroxyzine:

  • Glaucoma;
  • Any kind of ulcer regarding stomach or any other gastrointestinal disorders;
  • Benign prostate hyperplasia or enlarged prostate glands which might lead to difficulty in urination;
  • Epileptic shops or other several mental disorders
  • CBR cardiac disorders or improper rate of heartbeat
  • Emphysema, or any other kind of respiratory disorders
  • Symptoms related to thyroid disease, and
  • Any kind of symptoms related to liver or kidney disorders.

Can pregnant women use hydroxyzine or Atarax?

It is instructed to most concerning the ladies that they ought to advise their specialist about any sort of pregnancy or in regards to any sort of utilization of preventative or anti-conception medication pills before beginning the treatment methodology of Atarax.

This is on account of the elements of anti-toxin pharmaceuticals have an exceptionally penetrating capacity, and they have a tendency to infiltrate the body of the mother and achieve the breast milk by the lactating organs. In this way, once the mother nurtures her new conceived child on her bosom drain, there are chances that the fixings may enter the new conceived infant's body and make a few therapeutic intricacies.

Atarax: Highlight of Patient Information

Atarax contains hydroxyzine which has antihistamine properties. It is obtained as oral tablets plus an oral solution.


Atarax inhibits central nervous system activity and it inhibits the production of histamine. It is therefore used to treat hay fever. It is also used to relieve tension and anxiety, vomiting and nausea, contact dermatitis and hives caused by allergic skin reactions.


Take this medication as directed. For best results, there should be a constant supply of Atarax in your blood stream therefore take each daily dose at the same time. The tablets should be taken orally with water.

If using the liquid solution, shake the bottle well. To make sure the correct amount is taken, use a measuring device. You can buy one from a pharmacy.

Special Precautions

If you are allergic to hydroxyzine or other antihistamines, or any other medical compound, inform your doctor.

Inform your doctor if you have a medical history that includes any of the following: liver or kidney disease, prostate or urination problems, stomach or intestinal blockage, high blood pressure, glaucoma, heart problems, or respiratory disorders like emphysema or asthma.

Atarax may harm an unborn fetus therefore if a woman becomes pregnant during treatment with this drug, a doctor should be immediately notified. Atarax may contaminate breast milk so women who are breastfeeding will have to speak to their doctors about the risks.

Some drugs can interact adversely with Atarax. Therefore it is important that you tell the doctor about all medicines you regularly use. This includes all vitamin supplements, herbal products and any other prescription drugs.

Side effects

Blurred vision, headache, dizziness or drowsiness. If these last for more than a couple of days, notify a doctor.

Serious side effects: uncontrolled shaking (tremors), convulsions, confusion, or twitching muscles in the neck, jaw, tongue or eyes. Notify a doctor immediately.

Although the chances are unlikely, an allergic reaction to this drug should be immediately reported to a doctor. The symptoms would be trouble breathing, severe dizziness, swelling, itching, or rash.


An overdose of any medication can have serious consequences. In the case of a suspected overdose, get the patient to an emergency medical facility as soon as possible. Symptoms of an overdose would include fainting, extreme drowsiness, vomiting, or extreme nausea.


Store all medications in a safe, dry and cool place where they are not exposed to sunlight or moisture. Keep away from children. Do not store in a bathroom.


All efforts have been taken to ensure that this information guide is accurate, but this cannot be guaranteed because medication compounds may change from time to time. The information provided is an overview of this medication and does not cover all uses, interactions, reactions, warnings, precautions or any other aspects pertaining to this medication.

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